Stories and Testimonials

Stories can be a powerful way of sharing. Sure, testimonials are great too (and there are some below), but I thought it might be more impactful to tell you about a few of my clients; the struggles they were having and the insights they discovered through our coaching sessions.

Read through the stories to see the kinds of things that coaching can help with, but know that this is just a snapshot – coaching is an excellent solution to a number of problems.


(Names and identifying information have been changed to protect the privacy of my clients)

Meet Frank

Frank had had a rough couple of years in his relationship. He had met and fallen in love with a woman that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with – but things had gotten complicated. Jenny, his partner suffered a loss of a dear family member and the impact of that left her unable to continue in the relationship. She needed time apart, and although she asked Frank to not wait for her, he spent an agonizing few months trying to move on with his life while also hoping she would return. Luckily for him, she did. But when they got back together, he was having a hard time trusting her, fearing she would leave him again. Through coaching he came to realize that he had either be all in or all out – that he was unhappy not giving himself completely to their relationship. He needed to trust her in the same way that he would a new partner and believe that those strange circumstances would not repeat themselves again. Frank gave Jenny the trust that he believed she deserved, and the trust that allowed them to move forward into a fruitful relationship together.

Meet Jackie

Jackie was having some trouble communicating with her partner. It wasn’t anything new, but their inability to communicate effectively, calmly and respectfully was really starting to wear on her. Jackie came to our coaching session frazzled and concerned about her future with her partner. Together we talked about their communication styles, their personalities and what they both might be missing. Through our coaching session Jackie came to realize that although there were improvements that her partner could be making, she too could make some changes in how she approached their communication styles. Jackie came to realize that there may be some things that her partner wasn’t getting from her that could be a reason that they were butting heads. With my support, Jackie learned to adapt her ways of interacting with her partner so that he would be more receptive to what she had to say. The shift occurred effortlessly for her once she stepped back and looked at the bigger picture.

Meet Noah

Noah is a furniture designer who has his own business. He is well respected in his industry and highly sought after – even amongst his friends. In our coaching session Noah expressed his concerns about working for friends, or more accurately getting paid by friends for doing the work that he loved doing. He wanted to offer them the furniture for free, but struggled to find the time to work on extra projects when he had paid work to complete as well. In our coaching session he began to understand that he had some limiting beliefs about money, the value of his work, and what working with friends “should” look like. We talked about where those beliefs had originated, how they might be holding him back, and what a future could look like if there were no self-imposed rules that he had to live by. Noah was able to find a balance between his work life and personal life, and confidently move forward in his business.

What results do you want? The possibilities are endless, with the right support. <3

Amazing Coaching Experience (Virtual/Singapore)

I started my coaching sessions with Coach Emily since 09 April 2020 when I chanced upon her name from a coaches’ group in Facebook.

Although we are at both ends of the world, the Covid-19 pandemic period was an opportune time for us to “meetup” through Zoom. Through our regular sessions, Coach Emily supported me in areas from coping skills during the lockdown, realigning career aspirations, handling stress as a working mother, as well as prioritizing responsibilities and effective time management.

I like her coaching style very much in that she is attentive and caring, and she always gives me the space and her presence to fully express my thoughts and wishes. Through her coaching sessions, I am now clearer in my plans and have started taking actions towards my goals.

Thank you, Coach Emily, for making a difference in my

Josephine PL Ong (Ms)

Josephine PL Ong

Emily has been so sweet, caring, attentive, and has shown time and time again that she truly has my best interest at heart. I came to her because I have been really struggling to find direction in my life, and needed help overcoming obstacles that have stood in my way. From my very first life coaching session, I was met with a non-judgemental smile. Even on the days when I was really hard on myself for not feeling like I fulfilled what we talked about, Emily taught me to give myself grace and delve into WHY I was struggling. Together we came up with manageable solutions for overcoming those setbacks. Throughout the process, she sent me emails if she found something that related to what we discussed. It really made me feel like she was listening to me and wanting to help me reach my goals. I could not have gone through this pandemic without her. <3


It has been a while that I connected with you. It was just to let you know that I have benefitted from your coaching a lot. It helped me control myself and handle myself when my husband has a bad temper. The technique worked out really well and I wanted to email you after I practiced it for a while. It’s been a few months now and I practiced by thinking that my husband was negative energy at that time I used to cut myself off from negative energy. I carry out with my stuff and normalize. I appreciate your help a lot. It had made me love myself more and our relationship has improved a lot.

Rashmi Verma