The Coach’s Business Growth Planner – For Editing Online


This editable planner teaches you how to use 4 coaching pillars to balance your priorities, stay focused and build a successful coaching practice one week at a time.



*This version is for editing online (fillable PDF). If you want to be able to print your planner instead, click here: The Coach’s Business Growth Planner – For Printing ⋆ Coach Emily Pike

Being a new coach can be very exciting, and also extremely overwhelming. After being certified, many coaches are left with a solid understanding of the coaching process, but wondering- now what?

Cue the confusion of how to organize and prioritize an endless array of different tasks – a website, social media profiles, content planning and creation, improving your coaching skills, connecting with new people and potential clients, speaking, podcasting, participating in webinars… the list goes on!

And what about actually coaching? How do you get new clients? When does coaching happen? It is easy to understand why so many new coaches feel confused, unfocused, scattered, and stuck. Always wondering how to organize your week most effectively.

Some fall into the habit of doing only one thing for a while, and then moving onto another. Like working on your website for a month, but not connecting or coaching with anyone the entire time.

A coaching business is multidimensional by nature. But balancing the knowledge of what to do and when, is key. In this journal we share four foundational pieces for coaches to plan their week:

  • Coaching;
  • Connecting;
  • Content; and
  • College.

Doing tasks from each of these categories consistently and weekly, will ensure you are on your way to creating clients and the balanced coaching business of your dreams.

New coaches will make progress faster by distributing their time and energy consistently in each of these four pillars.


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