Relationship Transitions

Relationships are always changing and both partners need to flex and move together in order to keep moving forward. Otherwise things get stuck and you need to decide if you move ahead, or move apart.

These can be difficult journeys to navigate, but you don’t have to do it alone!

The relationship life cycle is cyclical, and at any one time you can find yourself in this circle.


Solo – Dating – Committed – Separating

Each of these stages comes with its joys and challenges.

Relationships shift and evolve over the years and sometimes you need to work together to get the connection back.

Other times you need to move on and find yourself figuring out how to separate without losing yourself, learning to be single again and eventually getting back into the dating game.

Your happiness is important.

Coaching is a co-creative relationship which means that both coach and client come to the table with an open mind and heart, and a willingness to shift perspectives about an issue in order to overcome a challenge. The outcomes can be profound!

Together we will co-create the types of relationships you desire.

Coaching allows you to clarify what you really want, identify what your goal is, and help you outline a path to getting there.

If you are looking for help with more than just your relationships, you’re still in the right place! As a certified life coach, I can help you on any journey.

With the right support, you can go a lot farther than you ever thought possible. What do you want to change?

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